For 20+ years the team at Dialect has been expanding the nexus of technology, culture & politics.

Dialect is a New York-based marketing, technology and regulatory advisory run by Paul Geller.

In two decades, Paul has launched a half dozen companies, sold two, built large data operations, rebranded an ancient spiritual organization and was once so disruptive to an industry of incumbents that they unsuccessfully sued him for $17 billion. He effectively lobbied Congress and the White House on intellectual property issues, broke the Internet and was tapped to research the feasibility and build the infrastructure for Mayor Bloomberg’s 2016 Presidential exploration.

Digital Transformation
  • Product Design & Management
  • Web Development
  • AI & Neural Networks PM
  • Crypto & Blockchain PM
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
Brand Development
  • Partner Acquisition & Oversight
  • Branding / Brand Exercises
  • Brand Strategy
  • CMO Services
Direct to Consumer
  • E-commerce Development
  • E-commerce Audit
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Marketing Liaison / CMO
Government Affairs
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Communications
  • Regulatory Representation
  • Trade Group Representation
  • Collateral Production